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Template-Godown here you can download many free templates which is ported from famous open source wordpress theme or my own creation. Need an unique template? Contact Me at tukang[dot]gudang[at]gmail[dot]com for a reasonable charges.

Free XML Blogger Templates


Mo No To No ; New XML Blogger Template


This is a clean, image-less, three column template which is playing around with black and white color. We might found out there a similar theme to this Mon-O-Ton, but believe me this is an original template just made for blogger.

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About KotaX


This is "KotaX". Two column template with additional 3 boxex upper the blogger post area. Those boxes are colorful.
In future, to maintain the same height, you must pay attention of wigdet to put inside those each box otherwise it
seen untidy.

KotaX has a menubar, locate on the top area below blog header and description.

And the searchbar built in the sidebar.

Noted the boxes is not rounded style, maybe in future there will another rounded version of this KotaX template.

Remember to keep red box credit intact. :)